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It is me!

Hi!  I am Mandy and I am addicted to watching Asian dramas!  

My love of Asian dramas began with a friend recommended the 2018 reboot of Meteor Garden.  It was such an interesting escape and I was actually beginning to learn Mandarin Chinese.  Since then, I have continued to enjoy one series after another and branched out to Korean dramas too!  

I have always had an interest in all cultures, but lately have really enjoyed learning about the different cultures of Asia.  This began when I was studying history and took a course in Modern Asian History.  In 2017, I spent 3 months in Vietnam teaching English and enjoyed eating the delicious food everyday.  Of course, also drinking the delicious iced coffee and having milk tea all the time!

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit China before the travel ban in September 2019.  I enjoyed again eating my way through Shanghai and Beijing.  The cute stores Little So and Mu Mu So Kr carried all the cute stationary and plushies.  Oh yeah, I have had a love for kawaii since the Sanrio stationary store was open at the mall when I was a little girl!  

So now I have created a space to share my thoughts and opinions on the dramas as I enjoy them.  Come join me!  I am sure there will be plenty of stickers and milk tea to go around.  

Check out my progress by keeping up with my current watch list here. 

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Some More About Me!

  • Favorite Coffee: Cold Brew with Coconut Milk or Vietnamese Cafe Su Da
  • Favorite Milk Tea: Black Milk Tea with Egg Pudding or Thai Tea
  • Favorite Korean Food: Kimchi (Yum!).
  • Favorite Chinese Food: Soup Dumplings and Hot Pot.
  • Favorite Japanese Food: Miso Ramen.
  • Favorite Vietnamese Food: Pho Tai and Sweet Pork Bahn Mi.
  • Favorite Non-Asian Drama: Gilmore Girls and How I Met Your Mother.
  • Other Hobbies Include: Reading, Traveling, Researching History, and Paddle-boarding!