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Author: Milk Tea Mandy

Writer, teacher, librarian, and dreamer from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Since watching my first Asian drama in 2019, I have been continuing to enjoy them! I am so happy to share my thoughts here.

2021 Most Anticipated Content and Dramas

Milk Tea With Mandy has been such a fun project during this unusual year.  I had wanted to have a…

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Itaewon Class: A KDrama With Inclusion

Itaewon Class was a show I started having no clue what it was about.  The teaser trailer just shows three…

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Somewhere Only We Know 2019 Review

Unlike my feelings of the drama Face Off I reviewed a few weeks ago, Somewhere Only We Know (2019) surprised…

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My Holo Love: More Technology More Problems

As you prepare your Netflix binge list for the holiday season, I would recommend My Holo Love.  It is considered…

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Fall in Love at First Kiss Review

Fall in Love at First Kiss is the first movie I am reviewing for this blog!  Normally, I do not…

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Guardian: The Lonely and Great God -A Goblin of a Review

I began looking for more Korean dramas after enjoying Crash Landing On You.  On most of the shows that kept…

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Face Off: Needs a Face Lift

I really debated reviewing this drama.  Although I certainly want to keep things real, I also want to be positive. …

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Love Me, If You Dare: A Criminal Review

Love Me, If You Dare is another great Chinese drama to enjoy around Halloween.  It does not deal with anything…

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My Roommate is a Detective: Another Attractive Sherlock Holmes

Now that cooler weather has found my city this week in October, I am ready to enjoy Fall and my…

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My Mr. Mermaid… Man Candy with a Side of Swim Trunks

My Mr. Mermaid is such a cute Chinese show.  I loved the energetic vibe with the sports element.  It worked…

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