Ways to Watch Asian Dramas

Here is my list of known platforms to watch Asian dramas online.  These are all based on availability in the United States.  I have indicated whether they are paid services or free.  If you have any recommendations for other viewing options please send me a message on Instagram @milkteawithmandy


I am not going to go into much detail, but I can say that Netflix is a treasure chest of shows from all over the world.  It is how I got started watching dramas starting with their 2018 Meteor Garden reboot.  There are also shows specifically developed for Netflix now. 

Service Type: Paid Streaming 


I had watched over dozens of dramas before I realized that Hulu has a selection as well.  They provide subtitles like the others.

Service Type: Paid Streaming (Remember, there are commercials unless you pay extra for none.) 

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime also has dramas available to stream.  If you use an Amazon device like a Fire Stick, you can even search shows and it will give you all options to view.  So it is a great way to decide which platform you would like best.  Bonus: Amazon music has a variety of the shows soundtracks available for streaming as well!

Service Type: Paid as part of Amazon Prime Program 

Rakuten Viki

Called Viki in short, this is the holy grail of Asian content.  Viki includes dramas from Korea, China, Japan, and even Thailand (?).  One interesting feature is turning on fan comments that scroll up top quickly.  There are also movies available too!

Service Type:  Free limited service.  Paid service includes no ads and early release of current shows.   


Anything can be found on YouTube including Asian dramas!  Some are subtitled in different languages and the quality can be questionable.  Also do not plan on the same account having all episodes.  (I found this the hard way trying to watch the 2000 Taiwanese Meteor Garden.) 

Service Type:  Free